January 18

How Brands Are Leveraging The Power Of The #10YearChallenge Social Media Trend


Unless you’ve been living the enviable unplugged life, I’m sure you’re aware of it by now.  The latest social media trend since the #CinnamonChallenge, the #IceBucketChallenge and the #kikiChallenge – and do NOT get me started on the #TidePodChallenge (I refuse to even link to it)!

It’s the #10YearChallenge!

I’m talking about all of those posts from your friends, family and – most notably – your favourite brands, showing photos of themselves 10 years apart.

While it’s been fun to see who has aged well (and who hasn’t), it’s the brands, who have leveraged this viral social media trend, that grabbed my attention.

Smart marketers are taking advantage of the virality of these social media trends to help spread awareness of their clients’ brands.

If it fits your brand, I think it’s a smart, strategic move. If you’re on the fence, you may want to consider taking part because, as you’ll see, the following brands are getting some serious attention because they jumped on the #Challenge bandwagon!

Here are a list of some that are doing it right!


Who remembers getting the DVDs in the mail? 🙋🏻 Keeping up with technology, kept Netflix on top. This is a great contender for this challenge!

Netflix before and after challenge


For the gamers in the room, this simple, nostalgic post from Xbox showcases their game controller now vs 10 years ago.

xbox 10 year challenge photo


Although they have only been in business since 2015, they don’t technically qualify to take part in this challenge. But Poco, a credit card processing solution software company from South Africa, doesn’t let that stop them from jumping on this social media trend.

yoko 10 year challenge

Trust Condoms

Definite winners in the “Cheeky” category, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a condom company!  Love it or don’t, this condom brand has one of my favourite posts for their #10YearChallenge. 🏆🍆

trust condom 10 year challenge

Boston Celtics

IMHO, the Celtics win this challenge when they brilliantly troll Lebron James with a pic of him with – then fan – Jayson Tatum alongside a pic of Jayson dunking on Lebron!

celtics 10 year challenge

How I Met Your Mother (tv show)

Using this social media trend as a fabulous way to stay relevant, How I Met Your Mother posted a “then and now” pic of the cast.

HIMYM cast 10 year challenge

 Aquaman Movie

I don’t know about you, but I’m loooooving Aquaman 2.0! 😉

aquaman 10 year challenge


Although these pictures are technically 100 years apart, Greenpeace uses this powerful image to raise awareness of the effect of climate change on the once great glaciers in the arctic.

greenpeace 10 year challenge

And, of course, the celebs came out in droves to take part. Here are a few of my faves…


Who doesn’t love themself some Ellen? She’s always game to partake in a good social media trend! If you recall, she broke a Twitter record with her Oscar selfie in 2014.

Ellen 10 year challenge

Janet Jackson and Keshia Knight Pulliam

We get an 80’s twofer with this one. Pop diva, Miss Jackson, with “Rudy” from The Cosby Show.

janet jackson 10 year challenge

Kevin Hart

Kevin’s observation of his knuckly imperfections is hysterical. His Instagram account is a must-follow!

kevin hart 10 year challenge

Reese Witherspoon

Seriously?! Reese hasn’t changed! The Legally Blonde star is forever perfection in my books. 💖💕

reese witherspoon 10 year challenge

Ryan Seacrest

Oh, come ON!! Here is another actor who is clearly paying off Father Time. I’d argue Ryan is looking better with each new decade.

ryan seacrest 10 year challenge

Yours Truly

Not quite a celebrity, but you know I just HAD to!! #ForTheResearch

Final Words: Do you take part in these social media trends for your brand? Let me know in the comments below.

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